Obedience (2016)

by Dead Cowboy's Sluts





released December 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Dead Cowboy's Sluts Paris, France

Dead Cowboy's Sluts is a metal band from Paris formed in 2010. The group consists of five members, the two brothers Benjamin Leclerc (vocals) and Mathieu Leclerc (Guitar), Pierre Plathey (Guitar), Morgan Djinadou (Bass guitar) and Guillaume Thiébault (Drums). They recorded their first album at the studio St. Marthe in august 2011 called "The Hand Of Death". ... more

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Track Name: Partners In Crime
We are back again
With our fucking violent thug metalhead team
And now this is a loud stuff,
This is a sentence to all the metal scene

Sell your soul
Sell the rest
A sentence to death
The sun's burning your sad face,
Feeling my sickness while I'm praying

Oh Lord please forgives me
We don't come empty-handed…

We bring you Drama
We bring you Death
With my partners in crime now
We impose our faith

Everyday is strange, to grow up, to listen up
To belong to this sect and bring change
You got to be strong and forget your path
You are ready, follow the line

Even if I die you can't justify
All these stabs in our back

This is a new way,
This is a new breath
Use your hate to take you to the next level
Track Name: Obedience
Like a father for you
You just need a reason to fight.
You wish that,
I baptize your children in flesh and blood
Do you see?
You praying me because

I would give good consciousness to the strongest of you.
I would give pieces of my power to the weakest of you.

I convert the humans into lawful killer
Train to bring the death
And bring the submission until the shame
The first way of obedience until the death

Don't try to find the answer
Don't try to fight my anger,
You wish that
I transform the reason into poison,
You try to see
You praying me because

The sound which resounds in my head
Who makes me clear-sighted
This is a new age of desolation
You just need accept this obedience
Track Name: Ghosts
Alone !
Here you'll die with your ghosts
Ghosts of
your last breath and hope

Separate these two different worlds
Now something is strange
Don't listen anymore all their words
They just deserve the pain

The end of the chapter
Now you bring the fear
The game is over
They stop to see
You just feel the winter
On your back is coming
The ghosts are on your steps

Try to push or break these closed doors
Obtain all our aims
Simply walk on this idea now
Death is your way

Today is the day
The light goes out
The first and the worst day to get out
The way is the same
Borrowed by your host
Let open your door
And welcome all your ghosts